What is a Storm Window?

A storm window is installed as an addition to your existing window's opening. A storm window can be installed on the outside (exterior) or inside (interior) of your window. The effectiveness (reducing heat loss, cooling in the summer, and noise reduction) is the same regardless of where you choose to have the storm windows installed.

A storm window is not a replacement window; your existing windows will stay in place. A storm window augments, or improves, the thermal and noise reduction capabilities of your current windows.

Why Would I Want to Buy a Storm Window?

A storm window is purchased in order to provide an air-tight seal for your window opening. This is to reduce drafts, and dust drifting in through any existing cracks, joints, or seams in your current window's frame. The storm window provides a thermal barrier that prevents both heat from within being lost through the window and cold from the outside being allowed in.

Another reason to purchase a storm window is to protect your home's glass. This is important to home owners whose homes are of a historical or vintage nature. The Department of Interior's Historical Preservation Brief Number 9 states "energy conservation is no excuse for the wholesale destruction of historic windows which can be made thermally efficient by historically and aesthetically acceptable means." The beveled, leaded, or stained glass is protected from environmental hazards, remains cleaner and the critical wood frames which hold the original glass are protected from premature aging/moisture damage, better known as dry rot.

Other reasons to purchase storm windows are: street noise is reduced considerably, your house will remain cooler in the summer months, home security, reductions in city air pollution and soot from entering your home, as well as, dirt, dust, sand and wind storm debris.

Over the last few years many different types of glass have been manufactured to provide the homeowner with ways to manage glare, UV damage to furnishings, and new to the market. By having us build your storm windows using these types of specialty glass, you can still benefit from the luxury without needing to replace your current windows.

Storm windows not only enhance your personal environment, they also add new comfort and security to your home.